Bukhoor, also called bukhoor and dukhoon is the Arabic name given to scented bricks; in Gulf countries it is mainly called Bukhoor. These are chips made of blended natural and traditional ingredients, mainly the woodchips, and are soaked in fragrant oils and other materials such as amber, sandalwood, musk,resin, etc.

Bukhoor burning is an integral part of the rich Arabian heritage and tradition. It’s customarily used as a gesture of hospitality in most Arab events such as wedding, love event or any form of get-together where the burnt bukhoors are being passed from one guest to another in a majilis. It is likewise used as a fragrance for linen, home and clothing. What most people in the gulf do is to scent their kandora (men’s wear), abaya and kaftan (women’s wear) as well as their ghutra (head dress for men) and shiela (head dress for women) by smoking it with their desired scent of bukhoor prior to applying their perfume of choice.


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